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Writing is a solitary endeavor.  Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard can be an exhilarating experience when the words come quickly and the narrative flows.  But at the end of the day, as good as the work might be, another set of eyes can only make it better. 

My 12 years of experience at several major New York City publishing houses taught me how to discover projects with potential and how to work with an author to realize his/her full talent.  I helped my authors achieve New York Times bestselling status, win industry awards and break into new publishing markets.  I had the excitement of introducing brand new writers to the world of publishing and bringing established authors to new heights in their publishing careers.  As a result, I truly understand the critical relationship between editor and author.   

JSF Editorial offers critical and constructive feedback on a wide variety of publishing projects.  Whether you’re a previously published author looking to branch out in a new direction or an aspiring writer looking for significant help with plotting, dialogue, characterization, etc., I can address your needs. 

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